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Ask :

"I am new on e-marketing. I applied and got approved for G4offers but I haven't heard anything about it. It is different to other affiliate networks because it not only works with ppi but with cpa and others. So before, getting scammed I would like to know if this site is legit, do they pay? Or if anyone knows a ppi network that let's newbies approved easily, thank you. "

Answer :

" Well, g4offers is the only network that I know of that Nana has integrated into prosper202 using his new "DNI" (Direct Network Integration) technology. That's where prosper202 will pull all the offers from a network, dramatically speeding-up the creation of campaigns within prosper202.

I just started working with g4 but haven't gotten any conversions yet. I'm assuming that if Nana's working with them like that, they must be legit, but who knows."

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