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My name is Gunardi and I would like to introduce you to

Clickadu is strong and successful ad network with publishers and advertisers all across the globe.

We are focusing on pop-under advertising at the moment, and we are glad to offer you a great inventory for this ad format for all countries and targets. Our traffic comes from premium media websites.

Pop-under advertising is now considered as the most efficient with one of the highest
conversion rates. This way of promotion is now widely used by our big clients such as: online casinos, stock exchange trading websites (e.g iForex, xForex etc.), dating sites, online games, adult etc.

The overall number of impressions is now reaching 10000k daily (worldwide).

You will be able to:

- Get access to your dashboard and see all the statistic;
- Set up daily budget, frequency cap etc;
- We will be sending you publisher`s ids and you will be able to check which one gives you better conversion;
- We can set up s2s postback and track conversions on our site in order to help you with optimization;
- One of our managers will be managing your buying.

We're looking for new and new advertisers!

Sign up and join our team of successful advertisers and publishers!

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